Choosing the right soccer cleats

Written by Soccer Garage

Soccer cleats are sized exactly the same way as normal shoes. However, unlike normal shoes, a tighter fit is recommended. As a result, it is better to try on the cleats rather than expecting the same size to fit. In order to optimize touch and feel of the ball, soccer cleats are made of thinner materials than regular shoes.

Length and width

Soccer cleats should fit as close to the end as possible without touching the toes. This is for both performances and for comfort. Ideally, maintain a quarter to half-inch gap. Although soccer cleats are only available in one width, women’s soccer cleats are narrower than men’s. Keep trying different shoes for the best fit.


Synthetic soccer cleats do not stretch as much as the natural Kangaroo leather versions. Keep this in mind when trying them on. Wear a tighter fit for genuine leather and slightly more loose fit for synthetic. All materials are the same for men’s and women’s cleats, just like a women’s soccer jersey is the same material as men.


Match the fit as recommended above and try on both shoes indoors before purchase. In addition, for younger children that are growing rapidly, it is okay to buy slightly larger so that they can grow into it. Any additional gap can be dealt with by wearing an extra pair of socks.


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