Finding the Right Goalkeeping Gear for Beginners

Goalkeepers play a role that’s just as important as the other positions on the field, such as defenders, midfielders, and forwards. Don’t count them out as being just another body on the field, their presence and duties are one of the most important in the entire game. They’re the last line of defense and an enormous contributor to the team.

One thing is for sure, goalkeepers need to protect themselves from both person and ball. If you’re looking to become a goalkeeper, then you’re going to need to suit up like one. It should be known that goalkeeping gear is different than your typical mens and womens soccer equipment, they’re designed to be somewhat thicker and there are essentially more pieces that make up the set.


Goalkeepers obviously don’t run half the distance as the other positions do. However, they still require a comfortable shoe that provides them with a solid foundation and other features.

For instance, depending on your play style, you can find shoes that grant the wearer increased touch and feel of the ball which helps with striking. Also, another option provides thicker layers and more protection for the foot. Lastly, some shoes are even designed to enhance the power of your kicks, along with its accuracy. All of these sound pretty appealing right? Just remember, some brands sell their shoes based on their features that add to your game. Don’t buy a shoe simply because your favorite player wears them. Rather, take the time to try out different shoes to find that “sweet spot”. The shoes won’t turn you into a superstar overnight; it’s a developmental process that takes hard work and discipline.


Jerseys can vary depending on the specific type of style that you’d like, along with other small embedded features. One of the more popular types of jerseys comes with the latest moisture control technology. They’re less restrictive and incorporate an open-celled type of technology that controls sweat. Additionally, jerseys offer pads that support your upper body when you dive. You can almost consider them to be water resistant soccer t-shirts.


Goalkeeper gloves are an essential piece of a goalkeeper’s equipment. You’re faced with the bold task of defending and batting away a soccer ball that shoots towards you at high speed. Gloves are essential for every goal keeper out there. They not only provide that much-needed protection for your hands with stitched padding around the fingers and palms but they also offer an ample amount of grip for catching and punching the ball.
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