Dressing for an Official League Play

Written by Soccer Garage


Soccer can be played both at an amateur level for recreational purposes or at a professional one. Generally, if you are in a team you would have to follow several rules especially during league plays. Not following guidelines for league plays might lead to disqualifications. Therefore, the policies would need to be enquired about.


Soccer Clothes

There are various factors to consider when it comes to soccer clothes for league plays. For instance, the white sock is important to be worn under your team socks. Socks should also be worn over shin guards for maximum protection.


If you intend to wear jackets or warm-up shirts, these would need to be worn under the team shirt. Wearing anything over a team’s shirt is considered cheating and might lead to disqualification. Zipper-less jackets and sweatshirts with the hood down can also be worn under the shirt. Undershirts of all colors are acceptable as they are worn under the shirt. For goalies, the shirt color would be different than the rest of the team.


Soccer Shoes

Cleats are essential while on a soccer field. Turf shoes would not be acceptable for most league plays except when the game is being played on turf. Moreover, cleats with metal spikes would not be allowed on the field as they might hurt other players.


Soccer Supplies

Apart from the shin guard, players are also encouraged to wear mouth guards to protect their teeth. Gel ones are generally preferred. Goalies would also need to be equipped with good pair of gloves.


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