Choosing Soccer Jerseys and Shorts

Written by Soccer Garage


Wearing the right jerseys and shorts contribute to your performance on the field. If you are wondering how to choose your soccer clothes, the tips below might come handy.


Soccer Jerseys

The jersey contributes massively in maintaining a proper body temperature during a game. Depending on the climate in your region and the level you play, jerseys would be available in different weights and with or without porous mesh.


Professional leagues and school teams order custom jerseys bearing the team’s logo, color and even some advertising. The name of the player and his number is also displayed on the back of the jersey. When it comes to local plays and child teams, the uniforms are coordinated with the player’s number and size.


Depending on the temperature prevailing in each region, a compression shirt might be worn underneath the jersey. These inner clothing items fit tightly and procure an added layer for warmth. The compression shirt also contributes to reducing muscle vibrations, thus limiting fatigue and muscle pains.


Soccer Shorts

When choosing your soccer shorts, an important aspect to take into consideration is the inseam. The conception of soccer shorts has considerably improved over the last decades. The design emulates that of basketball shorts, offering longer and looser pieces. Long inseams can be inconvenient when running. The right soccer short should fit at the waist and remain loose in other parts. The length of the inseam should not hinder the movements of the player.


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