Warming Up Before A Soccer Game

Written by Soccer Garage

A good warm up before a soccer game is important for three main reasons. Firstly, it decreases any risks of injury. Secondly, it helps the player to gain some agility and power and allows him or her to be able to give a good performance. The third reason is the warm up routine would allow the player to set their mind on the game and to get prepared for the session about to be played.

Before any warm up, the muscle tends to be cold and stiff. Warming up would help loosen the muscle and make it more flexible. This would enable motions such as twisting and turning as well as stretching to be performed effectively.

During a soccer game, an extensive warm up and stretching session would limit the risk of strains and any muscle tears. Muscles also release energy faster when they are warm. This would result in an increased power and speed and would enable to player to perform difficult movements and skills with an accrued precision.

With some short and sharp drills, the soccer player is able to warm up quickly and can get started with the game right away. Generally, a duration of 15 minutes is recommended for such a warm up. Players and coaches usually devise a warm up routine to target certain specific areas and muscles.

The right soccer supply   plays an important part in ensuring an effective warm up. Soccer warm up clothes are available to keep the muscles at a good temperature.

Soccer Garage specializes in the retailing of sports gear online. Some of their products are soccer uniforms.





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