Choosing the right soccer cleats

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Soccer cleats are sized exactly the same way as normal shoes. However, unlike normal shoes, a tighter fit is recommended. As a result, it is better to try on the cleats rather than expecting the same size to fit. In order to optimize touch and feel of the ball, soccer cleats are made of thinner materials than regular shoes.

Length and width

Soccer cleats should fit as close to the end as possible without touching the toes. This is for both performances and for comfort. Ideally, maintain a quarter to half-inch gap. Although soccer cleats are only available in one width, women’s soccer cleats are narrower than men’s. Keep trying different shoes for the best fit.


Synthetic soccer cleats do not stretch as much as the natural Kangaroo leather versions. Keep this in mind when trying them on. Wear a tighter fit for genuine leather and slightly more loose fit for synthetic. All materials are the same for men’s and women’s cleats, just like a women’s soccer jersey is the same material as men.


Match the fit as recommended above and try on both shoes indoors before purchase. In addition, for younger children that are growing rapidly, it is okay to buy slightly larger so that they can grow into it. Any additional gap can be dealt with by wearing an extra pair of socks.


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Finding the Right Goalkeeping Gear for Beginners

Goalkeepers play a role that’s just as important as the other positions on the field, such as defenders, midfielders, and forwards. Don’t count them out as being just another body on the field, their presence and duties are one of the most important in the entire game. They’re the last line of defense and an enormous contributor to the team.

One thing is for sure, goalkeepers need to protect themselves from both person and ball. If you’re looking to become a goalkeeper, then you’re going to need to suit up like one. It should be known that goalkeeping gear is different than your typical mens and womens soccer equipment, they’re designed to be somewhat thicker and there are essentially more pieces that make up the set.


Goalkeepers obviously don’t run half the distance as the other positions do. However, they still require a comfortable shoe that provides them with a solid foundation and other features.

For instance, depending on your play style, you can find shoes that grant the wearer increased touch and feel of the ball which helps with striking. Also, another option provides thicker layers and more protection for the foot. Lastly, some shoes are even designed to enhance the power of your kicks, along with its accuracy. All of these sound pretty appealing right? Just remember, some brands sell their shoes based on their features that add to your game. Don’t buy a shoe simply because your favorite player wears them. Rather, take the time to try out different shoes to find that “sweet spot”. The shoes won’t turn you into a superstar overnight; it’s a developmental process that takes hard work and discipline.


Jerseys can vary depending on the specific type of style that you’d like, along with other small embedded features. One of the more popular types of jerseys comes with the latest moisture control technology. They’re less restrictive and incorporate an open-celled type of technology that controls sweat. Additionally, jerseys offer pads that support your upper body when you dive. You can almost consider them to be water resistant soccer t-shirts.


Goalkeeper gloves are an essential piece of a goalkeeper’s equipment. You’re faced with the bold task of defending and batting away a soccer ball that shoots towards you at high speed. Gloves are essential for every goal keeper out there. They not only provide that much-needed protection for your hands with stitched padding around the fingers and palms but they also offer an ample amount of grip for catching and punching the ball.
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Equipment Makes All the Difference

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When it comes to soccer, most people want to believe that your talent level is defined by how badly you want it and how hard you’re willing to work. There’s something to be said for this, of course. You definitely can’t replace the value of enthusiasm and persistence. If you don’t make practice a priority, you can’t expect to be rewarded with success when you hit the pitch.

That being said, it would be a mistake to assume that simply working hard is the only key to getting where you want in this sport. You definitely need the right equipment too. If you and your opponent have the exact same skill level, but they have better goalkeeper gloves, for example, or cleats, obviously, you just can’t expect to do as well.

Whether it’s men’s or women’s soccer equipment, put time into making sure you’re buying the best version you can afford. There is even a bit of talent that comes with this as you need to really make it a priority and not quit until you have the best gear possible. This is the only way to ensure that talent you’ve worked so hard to cultivate actually has a chance of shining through when it matters most.


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Dressing for an Official League Play

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Soccer can be played both at an amateur level for recreational purposes or at a professional one. Generally, if you are in a team you would have to follow several rules especially during league plays. Not following guidelines for league plays might lead to disqualifications. Therefore, the policies would need to be enquired about.


Soccer Clothes

There are various factors to consider when it comes to soccer clothes for league plays. For instance, the white sock is important to be worn under your team socks. Socks should also be worn over shin guards for maximum protection.


If you intend to wear jackets or warm-up shirts, these would need to be worn under the team shirt. Wearing anything over a team’s shirt is considered cheating and might lead to disqualification. Zipper-less jackets and sweatshirts with the hood down can also be worn under the shirt. Undershirts of all colors are acceptable as they are worn under the shirt. For goalies, the shirt color would be different than the rest of the team.


Soccer Shoes

Cleats are essential while on a soccer field. Turf shoes would not be acceptable for most league plays except when the game is being played on turf. Moreover, cleats with metal spikes would not be allowed on the field as they might hurt other players.


Soccer Supplies

Apart from the shin guard, players are also encouraged to wear mouth guards to protect their teeth. Gel ones are generally preferred. Goalies would also need to be equipped with good pair of gloves.


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Choosing Soccer Jerseys and Shorts

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Wearing the right jerseys and shorts contribute to your performance on the field. If you are wondering how to choose your soccer clothes, the tips below might come handy.


Soccer Jerseys

The jersey contributes massively in maintaining a proper body temperature during a game. Depending on the climate in your region and the level you play, jerseys would be available in different weights and with or without porous mesh.


Professional leagues and school teams order custom jerseys bearing the team’s logo, color and even some advertising. The name of the player and his number is also displayed on the back of the jersey. When it comes to local plays and child teams, the uniforms are coordinated with the player’s number and size.


Depending on the temperature prevailing in each region, a compression shirt might be worn underneath the jersey. These inner clothing items fit tightly and procure an added layer for warmth. The compression shirt also contributes to reducing muscle vibrations, thus limiting fatigue and muscle pains.


Soccer Shorts

When choosing your soccer shorts, an important aspect to take into consideration is the inseam. The conception of soccer shorts has considerably improved over the last decades. The design emulates that of basketball shorts, offering longer and looser pieces. Long inseams can be inconvenient when running. The right soccer short should fit at the waist and remain loose in other parts. The length of the inseam should not hinder the movements of the player.


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Warming Up Before A Soccer Game

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A good warm up before a soccer game is important for three main reasons. Firstly, it decreases any risks of injury. Secondly, it helps the player to gain some agility and power and allows him or her to be able to give a good performance. The third reason is the warm up routine would allow the player to set their mind on the game and to get prepared for the session about to be played.

Before any warm up, the muscle tends to be cold and stiff. Warming up would help loosen the muscle and make it more flexible. This would enable motions such as twisting and turning as well as stretching to be performed effectively.

During a soccer game, an extensive warm up and stretching session would limit the risk of strains and any muscle tears. Muscles also release energy faster when they are warm. This would result in an increased power and speed and would enable to player to perform difficult movements and skills with an accrued precision.

With some short and sharp drills, the soccer player is able to warm up quickly and can get started with the game right away. Generally, a duration of 15 minutes is recommended for such a warm up. Players and coaches usually devise a warm up routine to target certain specific areas and muscles.

The right soccer supply   plays an important part in ensuring an effective warm up. Soccer warm up clothes are available to keep the muscles at a good temperature.

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Soccer Referee Responsibilities and Equipment According to FIFA

The referee is the final authority on the soccer pitch. His job is to officiate the game, ensuring all players and staff are conforming to FIFA’s rules. The referee does more than enforce the rules of the game. He must comply with a set of regulations set forth by FIFA, including where to stand so that he can catch a glimpse of the play in action.

Referee Responsibilities

The referee is the final word on the field, and soccer is famous for not allowing replays to alter a call. This has unntended side effects like the Diego Maradona “Hand of God” play, where Maradona touched the ball with his hand to score a goal, but this is also part of what keeps the game exciting. The referee relies on assistants, known as lines men, who help make calls the referee cannot. They watch out for things like off-sides and out of bounds calls, which the referee may not have the vantage point to call accurately. Multiple officials are important during controversial calls to, as referees are allowed to consult one another on the field.

The referee is also responsible for keeping the match civil. Soccer is a physical game, but serious injury should be avoided at all costs. The referee times and scores that match, including penalties handed out for malicious behavior.

Before a match begins, the referee must also inspect all players. This is to ensure their soccer uniforms meet the standards set out in law 4 of FIFA’s rules of the game. Referees are trained on where to stand during a match, and they are taught to recognize and penalize only the most serious offenses in the game.

Soccer Referee Equipment

Referees must wear colors that distinguish themselves from everyone else on the field. These colors are typically fluorescent, but they may vary depending on the league and the match. Referees, like players, are subject to rules that dictate what they cannot wear. Everyone on the pitch is banned from wearing jewellery, but referees are not allowed much padding. They will wear cleats, but they don’t need gloves or shin guards. They must carry a whistle, and recently referees have been carrying spray foam that they use to mark the location of a free kick.

Final Thoughts

The referee also has the power to stop a match for various reasons. Injury is the biggest one, but any penalty can be used to stop the match if things get too serious. Of course, the referee is also responsible for tracking stoppage time and adding it to the end of each half.

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